Further increase in revenue and profits expected

In view of the unstable economic situation, LSG Sky Chefs is only assuming moderate growth in the core business segment of airline catering for the financial year 2012. In adjacent markets it intends to develop its position proactively by means of focused initiatives in defined countries. In airline catering the company will continue to rely on innovating and leveraging its existing and new customer relationships and partnerships to strengthen its position. LSG Sky Chefs will again differentiate itself from the market by its claim to quality leadership. The entry into adjacent markets will be pursued by concentrating on specific regions in order to generate growth and increase the benefits to customers.

A further focus will be on consistently standardising processes across all functions to achieve greater transparency and competitiveness. The company’s intensive endeavours to reshape wage structures in Germany are being continued.

Altogether, LSG Sky Chefs is expecting to increase both its revenue and its operating profit further in the years 2012 and 2013 too.

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