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IT services provider with focus on the airline industry

Lufthansa Systems offers its clients consultancy and IT services. The company focuses on the airline industry, where it is a global leader, as well as on the areas of transport and logistics, industry, media and publishing, energy, healthcare and tourism. Its customer base includes around 200 airlines around the world and more than 100 companies from other sectors, of which a large number has worked with Lufthansa Systems for many years.

The company is headquartered in Kelsterbach near Frankfurt. Additional sites in Germany and in 16 other countries ensure the proximity to the customer and the rapid response times that are essential for a global IT services provider. An international production base also contributes to lower production costs and makes the company more competitive. Lufthansa Systems operates its own data centres at various sites around the world. Its data centre in Kelsterbach is one of the most modern and powerful in Europe.

Broadly diversified range of services

As a full-service provider, Lufthansa Systems offers its customers the entire spectrum of IT services – from consultancy via the development and implementation of custom-built applications through to systems operations in its own data centres. All its services and IT solutions are aimed at generating direct added value for the customer in the form of efficiency gains, cost reductions or higher yields.

The key factors of the company’s success on the market is its combination of IT know-how and the ability to understand all the customer’s relevant business processes.

Thanks to its many years of experience in the airline industry Lufthansa Systems is for example the only provider with solutions to cover the entire air transport process chain.

Its understanding of complex business processes, in-depth technological knowledge and expertise in managing projects of all sizes also come to the fore in other sectors. Examples include the optimisation of sales processes, the development of sophisticated online solutions and the introduction of completely new IT environments for industrial companies with international operations.

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