Cost-cutting measures to be continued

Irrespective of the customer’s sector, IT plays a central role in the optimisation of business process with the goal of reducing costs and increasing flexibility. In an economic environment that is volatile overall, it remains essential for companies to keep their costs down permanently and yet still be able to respond quickly to market changes. New technologies such as cloud computing and mobilisation open up a wide range of new possibilities in this area. By developing new products and solutions Lufthansa Systems creates the conditions for companies to benefit from these developments.

The restructuring in 2011 laid the foundation for Lufthansa Systems to return to profitable growth again in 2012. Targeted measures will also save further costs in the years ahead.

Although business with Lufthansa Passenger Airlines will initially continue to decrease as a result of the switch to new and cheaper technologies, the greater customer orientation and faster response times should lead to more new business in external markets.

After an in-depth review of strategic partnership opportunities a focused approach has been chosen, by which wherever it makes sense for the company and its customers, Lufthansa Systems will work with selected partners on a project basis or in specific areas. The discussions did not produce any convincing options for a global partnership.

For the years 2012 and 2013 Lufthansa Systems is expecting its business to develop positively and revenue to increase thanks to more new orders from airlines, especially in the regions Asia/Pacific and America, and greater income from existing customers in other industries. The improved cost base will also be reflected in further improvements in the operating result during this period.

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