Capacity adjustment Logistik (bar chart)

Operating profit expected also for 2012

Following very good financial years in 2010 and 2011, Lufthansa Cargo anticipates that its business performance will remain strong. Capacity will be kept more or less stable in 2012, in order to keep creating value with high load factors and profitable average yields in what will remain a challenging environment. Strict capacity and cost management remains a high priority and will be applied consistently. At the same time, the company is working on large-scale projects for the future in the strategy programme Lufthansa Cargo 2020. They will create the conditions for still being at the summit of the airfreight industry even in the year 2020.

For the financial year 2012 Lufthansa Cargo is expecting slightly higher revenue and another operating profit in the three-digit million euro range. Given considerable overcapacities, the effects of the preliminary night-flight ban in Frankfurt and rather weak cargo developments in the Chinese market, a repeat of the very good operating result for 2011 is not currently expected, however. On the basis of current forecasts, a further increase in revenue and a comparable operating result is anticipated for 2013.

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