Revenue climbs by 5.3 per cent

Revenue Logistics (bar chart)

Lufthansa Cargo increased its revenue by 5.3 per cent to EUR 2.9bn in the reporting period. Traffic revenue was chiefly responsible for this growth, up 7.1 per cent in all on the previous year at EUR 2.8bn. Exchange rate movements influenced traffic revenue by –1.6 per cent and prices +2.2 per cent .

Other revenue sank year on year to EUR 105m
(–27.8 per cent), in particular due to lower income from ad hoc aircraft charters.

Non-recurring factors in the previous year meant that other operating income was down 17.9 per cent on the year at EUR 78m.

Total operating income therefore rose to EUR 3.0bn overall. That is a rise of 4.5 per cent.