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Global Partners are of high significance

Developing the long-term business relationships with its strategic partners was again an area of focus for Lufthansa Cargo in the financial year 2011. The “Global Partnership programme” plays a vital role in this respect. Lufthansa Cargo generates around 50 per cent of its worldwide revenue with its Global Partners. The aim of the programme is to participate jointly in the global growth of the airfreight market.

As well as the Global Partners, small and medium-sized forwarders are also very important for Lufthansa Cargo. They have specialised key account management in their own “Business Partnership programme”.

Innovative products as a way to the future

One of Lufthansa Cargo’s focal areas is the expansion of its electronic processes. Especially paperless airfreight, known as eFreight, saw further advances in 2011. Around 10 per cent of potential paperless transport now takes place via eFreight processes. All consignments in the route network that is open to eFreight shall be paperless by 2015. Lufthansa Cargo also makes increasing use of electronic booking channels. Around 38 per cent of global bookings are now made via electronic platforms. Since November 2011 customers of Lufthansa Cargo have also been able to use specially developed smartphone apps, which make it possible to track freight shipments on a mobile device independent from place and time.

Awards received for quality and services

The high quality of Lufthansa Cargo’s products and services earned acknowledgement at several prize-giving ceremonies for the logistics industry. At the “Cargo Airline of the Year Awards” the company took the prize for best cargo airline in the world and the title of best European cargo airline. The US Airforwarders Association (AfA) also awarded Lufthansa Cargo the prize as best international freight carrier. In Toronto, Lufthansa Cargo was nominated “Carrier of the Year” and “Best Carrier to Europe” by the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA).

An important part of Lufthansa Cargo’s product promise is based on its acknowledged industry leadership in all matters of airfreight security. The strict regulations on flights to and from the USA in particular required extensive investment in technology and staff. Lufthansa Cargo was again able to confirm its leading role and was the first airline to be certified under the US Safety Act by the US Department of Homeland Security.

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