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Leading MRO provider

Lufthansa Technik is the world’s leading independent provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services (MRO) for civil commercial aircraft. The MRO group includes 32 technical maintenance operators worldwide. The company also holds direct and indirect stakes in 54 companies.

Lufthansa Technik’s service range is delivered by six divisions: maintenance, aircraft overhaul, engines, components, landing gears as well as completion and servicing for VIP aircraft. The portfolio consists of a variety of different product structures and combinations–from the repair of individual components to the fully integrated supply of entire fleets. These Total Support service packages guarantee the customer a full service range, right through to complete fleet management, and are the company’s most popular products. Lufthansa Technik also develops products and services for new aircraft types, which enable airlines to put them into service in scheduled flight operations. Following the successful launch of various technical services for the Airbus A380, for instance maintenance and component support, the company was also able to sign some major contracts for inspections and completions of the new aircraft models Boeing 787 and 747-8i in 2011.

Lufthansa Technik product portfolio (graphics)

Lufthansa Technik’s registered offices and primary location are in Hamburg. The local maintenance site is made up of aircraft overhaul, completion of VIP aircraft, engine and component maintenance and the logistics centre, as well as development and manufacturing facilities. The largest maintenance stations are located in Frankfurt and Munich, with other stations at all larger airports in Germany and at some 50 other sites around the world. In Germany, the company’s market presence is being strengthened by the construction currently underway of a new aircraft maintenance hangar at the future Berlin-Brandenburg International airport.

Lufthansa Technik also has an international network, which it uses to provide direct services to customers at their local bases. The expansion of its MRO group is also intended to reinforce its presence in growth markets such as Asia and South America and to improve its competitiveness by establishing and developing low-cost locations. In 2011 Lufthansa Technik therefore decided to expand the sites in Bulgaria (Lufthansa Technik Sofia) and in the Philippines (Lufthansa Technik Philippines).

Numerous new products launched

In the reporting year Lufthansa Technik worked hard to prepare for the introduction of new aircraft models. The company was able to win Japan Airlines as its first customer for component maintenance for the Boeing 787. Furthermore, preparations are underway for introducing maintenance of the Boeing 747-8i at Lufthansa Passenger Airlines. From 2012 onwards it will also be able to carry out VIP completions on the Boeing 747-8i. Two important contracts have already been signed for these services in 2011. The introduction of many new wide-bodied aircraft means that demand for the completion of VIP aircraft is rising sharply, so that Lufthansa Technik has decided to extend its capacities in this area.

Innovative new products are also being developed that will make it possible to reduce the weight of the aircraft and thereby increase their productivity. The launch of the Cyclean Engine Wash product has already successfully enabled fuel consumption to be reduced.

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