Sales and customers

Greater involvement in Asia

Lufthansa Technik has over 770 customers around the world, mostly airlines and aircraft leasing companies, but also operators of VIP jets and public-sector clients. The company’s main sales market is still Europe, including the CIS states; the region accounted for around 70 per cent of revenue in 2011. For America the share was 10 per cent. The political unrest in the Middle East and North Africa caused the share of revenue from this region to fall sharply to 7 per cent. Asia accounted for 13 per cent. Thanks to a large number of new contracts this percentage is set to keep rising in the years ahead. Greater involvement in the region, including the expansion of Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen and the construction of a material depot in Singapore, is intended to ensure that Lufthansa Technik gets its fair share of growth in the Asian MRO market.

Lufthansa Technik distributes the majority of its products and services via a centralised sales organisation, which is present in all the main locations with regional sales offices. This is supplemented by decentralised sales activities for specific products, which in some cases have a regional focus. Key account management and customer service activities are carried out on a decentralised basis, sometimes with further regional differentiation. Lufthansa Technik stays in close touch with its customers by means of regular dialogue, a modern portal where customers can view a wide range of information and place orders, and various print media. These activities contributed to the fact that the largest and most important customers have had intensive and wide-ranging business relations with Lufthansa Technik for many years.

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