AirPlus benefits from growing business travel market

AirPlus is one of the leading global providers of solutions for business travel payment and analysis. Under the AirPlus International brand the company supplies tailored products and integrated solutions with which companies can make their everyday travel management simpler and more cost-effective. By creating transparency throughout an entire company, AirPlus enables effective controlling of all business travel expenses. The company is based in Neu-Isenburg and now also has branch offices and subsidiaries in 25 countries. Around the world over 1,000 employees served more than 38,000 corporate customers in the financial year.

Business travel resumed its growth path in 2011. Despite political and economic crises, companies all over the world declared mobility to be a success factor and handled business travel less restrictively than two years earlier. AirPlus customers made more trips in 2011 than in the record year 2008 and their travel expenses were also higher than in prior years. This again enabled the company to report a substantial increase in revenue for 2011. Total billing revenue climbed by 11 per cent in 2011 to EUR 22.0bn. The number of transactions billed via AirPlus rose to over 138 million. The main driver of growth remains the international markets, which contributed to AirPlus’s dynamic expansion with an increase of 26 per cent.

This gratifying trend also fed through to the performance indicators. Total operating income was up year on year to EUR 296m (+5.3 per cent) and the operating result soared by 40.0 per cent to EUR 28m.

In the reporting year AirPlus concentrated on refining its global solutions for managing its multinational customers’ business travel. Important steps included the expansion of the global banking partner network and the worldwide consolidation of business travel transactions from different financial services providers and credit card companies. The product portfolio was also extended in 2011 by the issue of central company debit cards (AirPlus Debit Accounts).

AirPlus intends to pursue its expansion in international markets in 2012. Particular attention is being paid to the Asia/Pacific growth region, where a service centre was opened in Singapore in 2011. Increasing global acceptance of the AirPlus Company Account and the AirPlus Debit Account will remain a top priority. In addition, the services in the AirPlus product portfolio are to be extended by developing mobile payment solutions.

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