Passenger traffic performs well

So far, the gloomier prospects for the economy have only had a modest effect on developments in international passenger traffic, which managed to grow again worldwide in 2011. Revenue passenger-kilometres rose by a total of 5.9 per cent. Contrary to expectations, the premium segment also put in another robust performance. According to IATA information, premium traffic went up year on year by 5.9 per cent in 2011.

Demand development in air travel (line chart)

As with macroeconomic developments, trends in air traffic also differed significantly between regions in 2011. Sales growth for the European carriers was very sturdy at 9.1 per cent. By contrast, airlines from the Asia/Pacific region saw an increase in sales of 5.4 per cent and North American carriers one of just 2.2 per cent. Air traffic in Africa registered a slight increase (+0.5 per cent). Top of the class were Latin American airlines with growth of 11.3 per cent. Traffic in the Middle East region also did well, increasing by 8.6 per cent.

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