New ideas generate efficiency gains and cost reductions

Innovation and imagination are the keywords behind our Group initiative “Impulse”. Committed staff members again made vital contributions to optimising products and processes in 2011 as part of the suggestion management scheme. Our employees’ fertile imaginations produced 3,142 suggestions for improvements with the potential for saving around EUR 8m.

This does not include the implementation of those ideas which had a highly positive effect on customer satisfaction, quality, environmental protection, sustainability or health and safety but which could not be quantified directly in monetary terms.

One particular example is the process development idea submitted (at Lufthansa Technik) to the Impulse programme. This procedure enables innovative, rapid and safe engine maintenance directly on the wing, helping to prevent flight cancellations especially in international traffic. This provides cost cutting and increases customer satisfaction at the same time.

The Group’s appreciation of good ideas was underlined by the Lufthansa Innovation Prize, which in 2011 was awarded to employees from the Group in the categories “Commitment”, “Collaboration” and “Innovation”. The first two categories are intended to highlight the dedication and the teamwork of those involved in a process, from the moment the idea is born through to its concrete implementation. This illustrates the aphorism that an idea needs two people – one to have it and one to foster it.

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