Lufthansa has a responsibility for training

Lufthansa more than fulfils its role as a socially and civilly responsible employer with over 808 new apprenticeships in 53 occupations. As in the past, the Group again offers a very broad range of apprenticeships and training opportunities which open up long-term career prospects. Women made especially good use of this opportunity, accounting for a considerable 21 per cent of trainees. Worldwide, Lufthansa also recruited several hundred new ground staff. For the airborne staff a total of 4,929 new flight attendants were trained and recruited in Germany. The Group’s own flight school recruited 368 new pilots for training, of whom 7 per cent are women. After successfully obtaining their qualifications they will be taken on to work for the Group. Another 428 employees also qualified as pursers following internal professional training.

Investment in vocational and professional training even in difficult economic times

“There’s no better way to learn.” With this slogan the Lufthansa School of Business provides professional training and dialogue for managers and employees throughout the entire Lufthansa Group. Last year showed again that investing in the development and training of our staff and managers pays off. Extensive training activities were therefore carried out again in 2011 despite the challenging times for the economy. The diverse courses on offer from the Lufthansa School of Business are used irrespectively of age differences.

In terms of management development the Lufthansa School of Business runs interdisciplinary networking and dialogue platforms as well as management programmes for all management levels, making a valuable contribution to management development, to collaboration within the Group and to the implementation of the Group strategy.

Our corporate university is currently working successfully with selected international business schools and other academic partners. In 2011 the Lufthansa School of Business won an award from the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) for Partnership in Design, Development & Delivery and its contribution to organisational development for its partnership with the Lancaster University Management School and McGill University as part of the International Masters Program in Practicing Management (lMPM), a five-module programme for managers lasting for several months.

In 2011 the Lufthansa School of Business also drove the optimisation of interdisciplinary training within the Group. To a great extent, therefore, an increase in the range of products available for the employees of the group airlines was also achieved. Altogether, the volume of internal training went up by 21 per cent to EUR 123m. At the same time, the number of training days rose by 10 per cent to 681,000.

The Lufthansa School of Business also devoted itself to furthering equal opportunities in 2011, with “Women” as a focus topic. As part of the theme for the year, “A Modern Working Environment”, the challenges this presents were analysed and steps for immediate execution were formulated on the basis of concrete examples proposed by course participants.

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