Group strategy

  • Lufthansa wants to exploit growth potential to create value.
  • Activities were adopted in 2011 that will develop the Group into Europe’s Airline Powerhouse.
  • Competitiveness will receive a lasting boost.
  • The financial strategy combines sound foundations with financial flexibility.

Mission statement

We are Europe’s Airline Powerhouse connecting Europe with the world and the world via Europe with our global services.

The customer is the centre of our attention: we provide reliable services for passengers and air-cargo. Seamless cooperation with our partners strengthens us in a volatile environment.

As the world’s leading aviation group, we are the global leader in selected aviation services.

Our highly motivated and dedicated team stands for superlative quality. Our corporate culture and its value concepts are defined by entrepreneurship and collaboration, in an atmosphere of transparency, trust and diversity.

Our target is to grow profitably and maintain a healthy financial structure, to enable investment in the development of our business, fleet, products and people.

We are committed to sustainable development and assume our ecological, civic and social responsibilities.