Sustainable development is a constant in the Group’s strategy

The strategic orientation pursued in recent years has enabled us to establish Lufthansa as one of the world’s leading airline groups. Alongside the Passenger Airline Group with its strong position in European home markets, the Lufthansa Group is now the acknowledged market leader in most of its business segments, such as Logistics, MRO and Catering.

Despite its cyclical nature, the aviation industry is and will remain a growth business and its development mirrors the ongoing tendency towards globalisation. Our portfolio of business segments, which each have their own characteristics and business cycles, stabilises the performance of the Group as a whole and will therefore continue to form the basis for healthy corporate development and profitable, sustainable growth. This benefits shareholders, customers, staff and partners equally. Our explicit goal is to ensure that our growth creates value and to secure the future of our Company with a financial structure that enables us to invest in our business segments, fleets, products and employees. Our strategic mission statement and our value system are derived from this understanding of what we do.

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