Corporate responsibility

  • The principles of corporate responsibility are an esential part of our Company values.
  • Lufthansa is represented in the main sustainability indices.
  • Responsible business forms the basis for sustainable value creation.
  • The modernisation of the fleet has reduced CO2 emissions further.
  • Test flights with biofuels were brought to a successful conclusion.
  • Our commitment to civil and social causes extends around the world.

Lufthansa has long felt a duty to uphold the principles of corporate responsibility, which is why these form an established part of our Company values and leadership principles. In the reporting period we introduced further specifications to our sustainability framework and allocated all our initiatives to the five familiar focus areas. These are economic sustainability, responsibility for the climate and the environment, social responsibility, corporate governance and compliance, and corporate citizenship.

Coordination by the Corporate Responsibility Council

At Lufthansa the Corporate Responsibility Council is the senior decision-making body in terms of corporate responsibility. It is chaired by the head of Group Strategy and is composed of the heads of the Group departments Policy, Environmental Concepts, Executive Personnel, Legal Affairs, Communications, Investor Relations and Group Controlling. The Corporate Sourcing department is also consulted on matters relating to purchasing, supply chains and supplier relationships. The Corporate Responsibility Council ensures that all the activities and initiatives relating to corporate responsibility in the Lufthansa Group are pursued effectively and sustainably. The council reports directly to the Executive Board.