Lufthansa wins awards for responsible company management

In 2011 the Lufthansa Group’s operations were again rated by external experts and agencies according to various criteria for corporate responsibility. Once again Lufthansa was present in several sustainability indices, including the FTSE4Good, ASPI (Advanced Sustainable Performance Indices) and ESI (Ethibel Sustainability Index). In the corporate rating by the oekom agency Lufthansa achieved what is known as “Prime Status” in 2011, a distinction reserved for particularly sustainable and responsible companies. For the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) a much better rating was obtained than in the year before. These rankings were accompanied by numerous prizes for responsible company management, including the “Condé Nast Traveller World Savers Award 2011” in the category “Doing it All” and the “Clean Tech Media Award 2011”.

The criteria for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) were tightened again and Lufthansa did not manage to regain its position in it. The analysts saw potential for development above all in the area of operational eco-efficiency, which mainly focuses on emissions and the consumption of fuel, energy and water. The assessment improved greatly for the areas of economic efficiency and risk and crisis management, however.

Lufthansa management takes the results of the surveys and ratings very seriously and uses them to derive necessary actions to be taken by the Company.

Lufthansa is committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact and supports its activities. Since 2002 Lufthansa has complied with all recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code and followed most of its facultative suggestions as well. The declaration of compliance was updated with minor exceptions at the Supervisory Board meeting held on 7 December 2011. Further information can be found in the “Corporate governance” chapter.

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