Education and sports sponsorship – an investment in the future

The importance we attach to the topic of education is not only visible in the vocational and professional training of our employees. Outside the Company, Lufthansa also contributes to many educational initiatives. Lufthansa Erlebnis Wissen combines an online platform with an educational DVD to give schoolchildren the opportunity to learn more about the Lufthansa Group and to discover the different kinds of jobs people do there at the same time. Lufthansa organises a regular Girls’ and Boys’ Day at its sites in Germany as well. Here the aim is to attract girls’ attention to what are conventionally considered to be jobs for men and to attract boys to those considered to be typically carried out by women. In the technical areas of the aviation industry, girls are still under-represented for example. In addition to its in-house activities, Lufthansa has since 2008 supported the charitable initiative Teach First Deutschland, which campaigns for more equality of opportunity for school children on their way into the job market. Since 2002 Lufthansa has also sponsored the business@school initiative which aims to familiarise older pupils with the practical aspects of economics subjects. In the field of scientific education Lufthansa provides active support to students preparing their dissertations and also benefits from the light shed by their findings. Lufthansa also partners with the Joblinge programme, which gives participants, who mostly come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, the chance to obtain an apprenticeship by completing work placements.

Finally, Lufthansa is also involved in sports sponsorship. Our involvement in sports represents a commitment to both competitive performance and the Company’s social responsibility. The institutions and initiatives we sponsor include the partnership with the Deutsche Sporthilfe foundation, which has been extended by another four years, and the partnerships with the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the National Paralympic Committee Germany to support the German athletes at the Olympic Games and the Paralympics. Lufthansa’s sports sponsorship also includes individual sponsorship of athletes from various disciplines. Furthermore, Lufthansa has been the official partner of the German Football Association since 2005, taking the men’s national team and since 2011 also the women’s national team to all their matches around the world.

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