Responsible dealings with staff

As a Group with global operations in the services sector, Lufthansa has a great responsibility to its staff. Motivated, satisfied and efficient employees are essential in our business. Enhancing and maintaining their professional knowledge is therefore a priority, as are other steps to increase Lufthansa’s attractiveness as an employer. The strategies Lufthansa pursues to do so are described in detail in the chapter “Employees”.

Securing corporate compliance

The management and supervisory culture at Lufthansa is largely determined by German legislation on stock corporations, codetermination and capital markets as well as by our Articles of Association and the German Corporate Governance Code as applied by the Company. Mandatory staff training on competition compliance and integrity compliance ensure that good corporate governance is a feature of everyday work for all employees as well.

Corporate citizenship is a serious business for Lufthansa

Alongside its responsibility as an employer Lufthansa is well aware of its role as a corporate citizen and has for many years been closely involved around the world in culture, the environment, social affairs, education and sport.