Social commitment is a voluntary undertaking

Probably the most prominent example of Lufthansa’s social responsibility is the HelpAlliance e.V., which was set up in 1999 by staff from all over the Lufthansa Group. As a recognised charity, HelpAlliance runs projects to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people around the world. These include schools, training centres, orphanages, projects for street children, business start-up help and bush hospitals in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. As well as operating long-term projects, HelpAlliance is also on hand when emergency aid is called for. In 2011 the organisation appealed for donations for the victims of the tsunami and the nuclear disaster in Japan and to combat the famine in East Africa. Lufthansa has provided HelpAlliance with financial, logistics and communications support since it was founded.

In August 2011 the aid organisation Wings of Help arranged a joint aid flight to Kenya with Lufthansa Cargo and other partners. On board the Lufthansa Cargo freighter to Nairobi were around 90 tonnes of relief supplies, primarily food, medicine and tents, for those stricken by famine in East Africa. Another aid flight was carried out in September, again illustrating that Lufthansa Cargo remains true to its motto of helping quickly and without red tape at times of humanitarian crisis. Since 2004 the charity Cargo Human Care has provided straightforward and professional medical aid to those in distress by offering flight tickets to doctors and free transport capacities for deliveries of emergency aid.

As well as Lufthansa, all the other airlines in the group are involved in social projects too. SWISS supports the international aid organisation SOS Kinderdorf, which operates globally to help children in need. In addition, SWISS provides the independent SWISS children’s trust with financial support, infrastructure and logistics. The trust gives SWISS employees the opportunity of doing voluntary work for SOS Kinderdorf villages.

Austrian Airlines sponsors the annual Life Ball in Vienna, Europe’s largest charity event for the benefit of people with HIV/AIDS. Brussels Airlines is involved primarily with its for Africa, where the company supports organisations and non-govermental organisations dedicated to providing humanitarian aid for crisis areas in Africa.

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