Supplementary report

Lufthansa and ver.di sign new wage agreement

On 26 January 2012 the Air Transport Employers’ Federation (ATEF) and the trade union ver.di agreed on a new wage settlement that is to run for 13 months. The agreement provides for a 3.5 per cent pay increase, backdated to 1 January 2012, for ground staff em-ployed in Germany. On an annual basis this represents a pay increase of 3.2 per cent. Other benefits and allowances were also moderately increased. The trade union UFO rejected the agreement, thereby abandoning the collective bargaining partnership it had just formed with ver.di.

Specific provisions were made for the Catering and MRO segments. At LSG Sky Chefs the main focus is on securing sustainable competitiveness in Germany. The pay increase from this round of collective bargaining is to be used to safeguard jobs and to make a one-off payment of EUR 250 per full-time employee. In exchange, LSG Sky Chefs has confirmed that there will be no redundancies for the duration of the wage agreement. The agreement for the MRO segment outlined the arrangements for introducing and financing performance-related pay and for phasing out the transitional allowance.

Apron controllers’ strike causes flight cancellations

In the course of the collective bargaining dispute between Fraport and the trade union Gewerkschaft der Flugsicherung (GdF), apron staff stopped work for several days from 16 February 2012. Lufthansa was indirectly affected by the strike action and suffered considerable disruptions to flight operations. Thanks to the efforts of Lufthansa and Fraport, most of the flights were able to take off, however.

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