Beijing/China | A380

As a leading international airline, Lufthansa attaches great importance to developing its global route network. Being in pole position in our European home market is a prerequisite for our staying competitive on long-haul routes to the other continents America, Africa and Asia/Pacific.

Flight attendant in the A380 (photo)

World markets are reshaping themselves

A trend for which we are best prepared, both strategically and operationally. The success of the Airbus A380 symbolises this trend like no other aircraft in our fleet. Around the world, the Lufthansa flagship connects destinations where the pulse of the global economy beats, and the list is getting longer all the time. Whether in New York, Singapore or Johannesburg, anyone travelling in the A380 experiences greatness. That is visible in all the service classes and culminates in the new First Class. The concept is extremely well received by passengers. For us, the high load factor represents a real efficiency gain.

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