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Changes in the portfolio

The Colosseum in Rome (photo)

Lufthansa remains the most successful foreign
airline in Italy

Staying flexible – what our customers want also applies to Lufthansa itself. This includes subjecting the portfolio to a permanent critical review in the light of market developments and adjusting it accordingly. This was the context for altering our strategy for Italy in 2011. Given the price erosion in European traffic, it was not possible to establish a European route network in the Italian market under a separate brand. The important Italian market will therefore be served in future by the core Lufthansa brand together with the regional airline Air Dolomiti. Lufthansa remains the most successful foreign carrier in Italy and intends to build on this position. Our plans to return bmi to profitability did not make it off the ground either. By selling this subsidiary we are adjusting the airline portfolio to match the strategic orientation of the Group and enjoying greater profitability.

Greater cooperation

A joint product from Lufthansa and Germanwings, which also includes coordinated flight plans, is intended to attract additional passengers in the future. As part of this closer cooperation, Germanwings will from summer 2012 on initially fly to all of Lufthansa’s European destinations from Stuttgart. This increases the number of connections, and at the same time we are also aiming for lower costs and an improved overall result. Germanwings will also be integrated more closely into the Lufthansa corporate programmes.

Growth in Berlin

We are treading new ground in the German capital. When the new Berlin-Brandenburg airport “Willy Brandt” opens in June 2012 we will station 15 aircraft in Berlin and use them to serve a total of 38 destinations in Europe and the Middle East. By stationing cockpit and cabin crews locally on competitive terms, we can offer our customers in the capital and the surrounding area a particularly good deal, with one-way prices starting at EUR 49.

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