No holds barred in the struggle for safety and punctuality

All systems go

Employee working in the Hub Control Center (photo)

The Hub Control Center orchestrates efficient

Operating a traffic hub successfully is like doing an enormous jigsaw puzzle: lots of separate pieces – such as coordination, monitoring and managing ground processes for Lufthansa and its partners – have to be put together as accurately as possible. Punctuality and flexibility are decisive economic factors. This is why we set up ultra-modern Hub Control Centers, HCCs for short, in Frankfurt and Munich from which all handling procedures can be managed centrally. Together, specialists from the airport and from Lufthansa ensure that all interaction between the airport and the airlines functions smoothly. These also include the Connection Center. So that passengers and their luggage make their connecting flights even in the event of delays, these experts stay in permanent contact with air traffic control and can ask for preferential landing approval and new gate positions to shorten the distance to the connecting flight.

Continuous process optimisation

Further traffic growth means that the traffic management of the future will require continuous optimisation. The key to success here lies not only in technological progress, but also in ever closer cooperation. In an area where split-second decisions and coordination are part of daily work, we attach great importance to an open communications culture and intensive dialogue.

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