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Lufthansa Cargo is an important international player in global trade with a tightly meshed, global network of flight connections. With innovative ideas and attractive partnerships that generate customer loyalty by means of high product quality, we have become one of the world’s largest cargo airlines.

Cockpit of a Lufthansa Cargo airplane (photo)

Best connections to Africa

Lufthansa participates in the dynamic growth taking place on the African continent at many levels of the Group. Alongside a comprehensive range of flights from the airlines and the activities of Lufthansa Technik and LSG Sky Chefs on the ground, Lufthansa Cargo has also ramped up its involvement in Africa in recent years. Its network has also been extended thanks to the cooperation agreement with the Kenyan cargo airline Astral Aviation. Its aircraft distribute the freight that Lufthansa Cargo flies to Nairobi to numerous destinations in various African countries. Since last year Lufthansa Cargo has also had a strategic partnership with a new, ultra-modern handling centre at the international airport in Nairobi. It is particulary intended to provide high-quality handling of consignments of sensitive goods such as flowers and food.

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