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Dependably from A to B

300 destinations in 100 countries – this tightly woven network makes Lufthansa Cargo one of the leading companies in its sector. In order to manage the transport volume of almost 2 million tonnes smoothly, Lufthansa Cargo also relies on international cooperation agreements, with Japan Airlines Cargo, Air China Cargo and Lan Cargo, for instance. This not only makes it possible to improve customer service but also to make mutual use of know-how and synergy effects. The programme of cooperation with the logistics provider DHL is particularly wide-ranging. In 2009 Lufthansa Cargo and DHL Express established the cargo airline AeroLogic. It is based at Leipzig/Halle Airport, which in recent years has established itself as Germany’s second largest cargo hub. With its strategy Lufthansa Cargo 2020 the company is readying itself for growth in the years ahead. It is made up of six focus themes which are directed at improving financial success and strengthening sustainable profitability.

Lightweights on board

The success of Lufthansa Cargo is also due to its constant product innovations, which not only advance its business, but also bring benefits for the environment. They include new containers from light composite materials that weigh as much as 15 per cent less than their predecessors and have been in service at Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cargo since autumn 2011. By using these, kerosene consumption can be cut by around 2,180 tonnes a year and savings of 6,867 tonnes of CO2 made.

Obstacle course

Airplane being unloaded at Frankfurt airport at night time (photo)

The night-flight ban for Frankfurt Airport is a
heavy blow

Things do not always go to plan, as was shown in October 2011 when the temporary night-flight ban for Frankfurt Airport was imposed at short notice. This will cause severe financial losses and in the long term will endanger jobs and the competitiveness of Frankfurt as a cargo hub. The Hesse administrative court called a halt to all night flights between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., a period which is mostly used for freight services. Since then Lufthansa Cargo’s flight operations have been subject to considerable restrictions. A final decision is still pending, but the fact is that literally overnight, Lufthansa has had to reschedule flights, move them to other airports, or even cancel some altogether.

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