Rio de Janeiro/Brazil | LSG Sky Chefs

As a global business the Lufthansa Group is also present in many local markets outside Europe. With a market share of 26 per cent, the LSG Sky Chefs group is the clear number one in airline catering. Its 30,000 employees working in 50 countries around the world enable LSG Sky Chefs to forge its decentralised units into a strong and successful whole.

Airline-Catering female employee (photo)

Broad presence in Latin America

To profit from the dynamism of the Latin American market, LSG Sky Chefs enters into local cooperation agreements and expands its own sites. Its portfolio in Latin America consists of 47 plants in total, of which 38 are joint ventures. Brazil is a rapidly emerging country and features prominently in the growth strategy with five of its own facilities – two at Rio de Janeiro Airport – and many important customers. Extension work at the airport in Panama City was the cue for LSG Sky Chefs to build its own new site there: the foundation stone was laid in November 2011.

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