Global standards and regional diversity breed success

A good blend delivers top performance

Diversity is a principle that is honoured in Lufthansa’s operations. This is true with regard to both to the formation of the Group, with its many different segments and airlines, and to the people who bring our philosophy to life every day around the world. One example of unity in diversity is LSG Sky Chefs. The catering specialist employs tens of thousands of staff, who come from over 100 countries and contribute a wealth of cultures, careers and experiences. It is precisely this diversity within the company that enables it to do business successfully around the world with suppliers, customers and partners. More than 300 airline customers depend on the services that LSG Sky Chefs provides as a global company with a great flair for local specificities. In LSG Sky Chefs catering, globally uniform service standards meet authentic regional cuisine provided by the international network. The results are innovative premium products that are always ahead of the expectations and demands of the market and can therefore withstand strong price pressure.

New service trolleys

School class in Brazil (photo)

HelpAlliance project: Estrela do Sul in
Porto Allegre, Brazil

Making work easier for its employees and doing something for the environment into the bargain: with the Quantum Light Weight Trolley developed by LSG Sky Chefs, the company does both. The new model is easier to handle and thanks to its lightweight construction it also helps to reduce fuel consumption and CO2  emissions.

Social responsibility

Human interaction has a high priority in the Lufthansa Group. Internally, but well beyond that too. Several years ago Lufthansa staff founded the charity HelpAlliance, which supports a large number of aid initiatives and development projects around the world. In Africa and Latin America this aid is employed where it is needed most: in schools, hospitals and projects to help homeless children.

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