Lufthansa sets great store by dialogue with investors

In the financial year 2011 we again practised our philosophy of informing all investors in a timely, thorough and professional manner. We believe that this is a basic condition for gaining shareholders’ trust.

In 2011 and in addition to the own quarterly conferences, the Executive Board and Investor Relations team held 39 roadshows and 11 investor conferences to inform institutional investors about current developments at the Group. This involved more than 300 one-on-one and group meetings. Once a year we also organise an Investor Day to give analysts and investors an inside into the individual segments and subsidiaries and to give them the opportunity of talking directly to senior management. In 2011 this event took place in Zurich and focused accordingly on the Group company SWISS. Other areas of focus were developments at the hubs in Frankfurt and Munich as well as at Lufthansa Cargo. In addition, participants discussed the Group’s strategy and financial performance with the Executive Board.

We also attach great importance to direct contact with our private shareholders. Investor Relations representatives were available to answer questions at six special forums organised for private investors. The service for private shareholders also includes our Shareholder Information, which was published twice in 2011. It can be accessed on our website. There you will also find our financial calendar as well as regular updates on conferences and shareholder events that we will be attending. The next Annual General Meeting takes place on 8 May 2012 in Cologne.

Alongside the annual report and the interim reports we inform capital markets regularly by means of the monthly Investor Info on the latest traffic figures for the airborne companies and other news from the Group. On request, creditors are also sent our Creditor Info several times a year, which contains special information of relevance to them.

All publications, our financial reports, presentations, background information and speeches as well as the latest news are also available at Our website also provides instruments for individual analysis of the accounts and the financial and traffic data. An interactive version of this annual report is also available online. The site is barrier-free, which means it can be accessed and used by anyone, irrespective of their physical capabilities.

Our activities aimed at communicating an up-to-date and transparent view of Lufthansa and its prospects to all interested capital market participants were again acknowledged last year. Lufthansa’s investor relations work was rewarded with third place in the well-known Capital Investor Relations Prize in the DAX category. In international rankings, such as those by International Investor and Thomson Extel, Lufthansa again won the top position, sometimes in several categories, in the transport sector.

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