Investment property and equity investments

Investment property

Property held exclusively for letting to companies outside the Group is classified as investment property and recognised at amortised cost.

Equity investments accounted for using the equity method

Equity investments accounted for using the equity method are capitalised at cost at the time of acquisition.

In subsequent periods, the carrying amounts are either increased or reduced annually by changes in the shareholders’ equity of the associated company or joint venture that is held by the Lufthansa Group. The principles of purchase price allocation that apply to full consolidation are applied accordingly to the initial measurement of any difference between the acquisition cost of the investment and the pro rata share of shareholders’ equity of the company in question. An impairment test for goodwill is only carried out in subsequent periods if there are indications of a potential impairment in the entire investment valuation. Inter-Group profits and losses from sales between Group companies and companies accounted for using the equity method are eliminated pro rata in relation to the equity stake.

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