Recognition of income and expenses

Revenue and other operating income is recognised when the service has been provided or when the risk has passed to the customer. Traffic revenue from the Passenger Airline Group and Logistics segments is recognised once a passenger coupon or airfreight document has been used. The amount recognised is calculated as a percentage of the total amount received for the flight document. Revenue for customer-oriented, longer-term production in the MRO and IT Services segments is recognised using the percentage of completion method. This involves estimating the proportion of the total contract already completed and the profit on the whole contract. The total amount of profit realised on long-term contracts in 2011 came to EUR 50m (previous year: EUR 36m).

Operating expenses are recognised when the product or service is used or the expense arises. Provisions for guarantees are made when the corresponding revenue is recognised. Interest income and expenses are accrued in the appropriate period. Dividends from shareholdings not accounted for using the equity method are recognised when a legal claim to them arises.

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