For other operating income, inter-segment income has also been eliminated (reconciliation column for operating income). In the 2011 financial year it consisted especially of rental income from subletting buildings, foreign currency transaction gains from short-term intra-Group foreign currency loans and revenue from intra-Group training and services. To the extent that eliminated revenue and other operating income is matched by operating expenses in the companies receiving the services, these expenses are also eliminated (reconciliation columns for expenses).

The amounts in the reconciliation column for the operating result include the effects of consolidation procedures on profit or loss in which income and expense do not figure for two companies at the same amount, or in the same period.

Other segment income includes, for example, income from the reversal of provisions and book gains from disposals, which are attributed to the segment result but not to the operating result.

Here too, income from other segments is eliminated (reconciliation column for other segment income). The same applies vice versa to other segment expenses, which include expense items not attributable to operations but which must be reflected in the segment result, such as book losses or impairment charges. The components of the consolidated operating result which are included in neither the operating nor the segment result, such as gains/losses from current financial investments, for example, are added back in the reconciliation columns for other segment income and other segment expenses.

The result of the equity valuation for the segment’s equity investments is part of its segment result, however from a Group perspective it is not attributed to the operating result but rather to the financial result.

Segment assets primarily include property, plant and equipment, intangible assets, investments accounted for using the equity method, inventories and receivables.

Segment liabilities consist of operating liabilities and provisions. Tax and financial items have not been allocated to segments. Segment assets and segment liabilities in the column “Other” also include the financial assets and liabilities of the Group companies aggregated here for which IFRS 8 does not require reporting as part of segment reporting.

Segment capital expenditure includes additions to property, plant and equipment and intangible assets, as well as capital expenditure on investments accounted for using the equity method.