Shareholders and Annual General Meeting

Lufthansa shares are registered shares with transfer restrictions, which all have the same voting rights. This means that our shareholders take part in all fundamental Company decisions at the Annual General Meeting. Registration in the shareholders’ register takes place by means of shareholder data provided electronically via banks and the clearing system. A peculiarity at Lufthansa is that in addition to the German Stock Corporation Act the registration requirements of the LuftNaSiG must also be met. All shareholders listed in the shareholders’ register can exercise their voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. The electronic service for the registration process required under stock corporation law includes the option of appointing proxies, banks and shareholder associations to exercise these voting rights via internet and, starting in 2012, by postal vote. Shareholders can also follow the speeches made at the Annual General Meeting by the Chairmen of the Supervisory and Executive Boards online. Further information is also available on our website.